Since 1984 Silicon S.r.l is dealing with direct import from the Far East of promotional items and am watches, as a matter of fact Silicon has its own register brands Regolo, Tre Cime and Emerson.

After the realisation of a new structure that consist of a 10.000 square meter modern warehouse the company can guarantee the availability of thousands of its divisified in colours and references, with the capacity to displatch goods within 24/48 hours.

The investment in staff and logistics is an important part of the company policy since the union of product and service leads to greater output in every single commercial operation.

The Company participation in major exhibitions in the field of promotional items ( Italy, France, Spain) guarantees a constant monitoring of the developments and latest updates on the specific market.




Silicon S.r.l. is a company that directs its business exclusively towards distributors wich means that it never is in contact with the final customer. In the rare cases that it might occur it is only on request from an agency or from the distributor.

Silicon S.r.l. has during the years always tried to keep up with the development of the market especially through investing in the Far East market. Since 1990 this means having a direct relationship with factories in the Far East, and this way avoiding the intermediation of tading companies normally placed in Hong Kong.

The company strategy permits Silicon to be competitive and opportune regardings various request from clients at the same time as it faces the earthquake on the internal market coming from various European multinational Companies.

Thanks to the development and the spread on internet the need of providing customers with useful information such as stock availability, expected arrivals and special promotions has grown.

As a result Silicon has developed the WEB SHOP where the customers can use a wide range of services on line which are useful for the course of the daily work.